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The Zen Center of Las Vegas offers Zen practice in the lineage of the late Zen Master Seung Sahn to the people of Las Vegas.

There are daily and weekly Zen classes, dharma talks, and weekend retreats. Our dharma teachers officiate at ceremonies for weddings, funerals, and Buddhist holidays.

For beginners or anyone new to Zen, the first Monday of each month is our Beginner Night at 6:30pm. Beginner info HERE

Please explore the website, and come visit the center.


One day retreats: We occasionally offer one day retreats throughout the year.

Yong Maeng Jong Jins (YMJJ): These can be different lengths, with the Zen Center of Las Vegas usually offering 3 day retreats.

Kido chanting: Usually held on special occasions, Kido chanting is one day, usually 9:00am – 3:00pm.

Taking of Precepts

Taking precepts is a step in making a commitment to our practice and to live our life in the bodhisattva way. That means my life is not for me, but for others.

The precepts are like a simple road map of a path we already know. By keeping them we can access these simple instructions on leading a correct life whenever we lose our direction.

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